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"Mixed opinions" respecte a la edició de talls inedits de Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa
The Lumpy/Money Project Object offers remixes and outtakes that the Zappa Family Trust (ZFT) have seen fit to overprice, then release to us dwindling hardcore fans in recent years. I love Frank, and have owned the originals for almost 40 years, but I no longer have the patience to compare the minor variations between a mono mix from 1968 with any of the 3 subsequent CD releases of We're Only In It For The Money. I especially don't like paying AGAIN for the shit version issued in 1986 (with re-recorded bass and drums, which Frank yanked off the market himself). Yet, that's what's in the new 3CD release, priced at nearly $60, w/tax & postage. And, as usual, ZFT refuses to even divulge what you're getting before you order. At least this time... I understand why. This should have been a $25, 2CD set, at most. Sell us "the good stuff," as Frank would say, at a reasonable price instead of over-charging everybody for the noisy few that demand it all - in turn, you'll broaden the fan base and please the faithful. To be fair (to Frank), there are some fascinating tidbits scattered about the set, and the stripped orchestral mix of Lumpy Gravy is great to finally hear. The set's sole saving grace, however, is the 25 minute "How Did That Get In Here?," recorded on February 13, 1967. An incredibly ambitious piece, fusing group improv with some of Zappa's (now) signature melodies, which Frank would later pillage to lace together Lumpy Gravy. For more evidence of Frank's already documented brilliance, listen below. For more evidence of ZFT's ongoing disrespect for Frank's dedicated fans, buy the box.

How Did That Get In Here? (25:01)

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