dimecres, 18 de març de 2009

Paraula de John Mc Enroe (almenys així firma...) de Drowned on Sound

New bands that are better than the original bands they were influenced by.

I don't think people can really think clearly when it comes to the nostalgia associated with some of the classic bands of the past. Sure they made great records, but a lot of todays new bands have vastly improved on what came before them. Sure, they may not have the same mystique yet, but I have no doubt that they will be thought of as the superior band in 10-20 years time. Here are some of my thoughts, feel free to add your own.

White Lies > Joy Division
Interpol > Joy Division
White Lies > Interpol
The Strokes > The Velvet Underground
The Killers > U2
M83 > MBV
MSTRKRFT > Daft Punk
Editors > The Cure
Arctic Monkeys > The Smiths
Arcade Fire > Talking Heads

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