divendres, 9 de gener de 2009

3 raons per compar vinil (de POPSENSE)

3 Reasons Why You Should BUY VINYL


Well with all this time off what have I been doing? Devolving. No, I don’t have four toes on each foot now, I’m going back to the motherland of sound, Vinyl. Why, might you ask? Well, here are a couple of reasons.

1) It’s cheaper – Okay, I know nothing is cheaper than free, which is how much everything from Torrent sites cost, but records are cheap. Yesterday, I walked out of a local record store with Steely Dan’s “Aja”, A Tribe Called Quest’s “The Low End Theory”, and The Pretenders Debut album for $7. Even records that are only a year or two old can sell for 5-6 bucks (ex. The Root’s “Game Theory”). At the very least, you can sleep easier at night knowing that you paid something for all that music that you stole.

2) It sounds better – What what what? That’s right, it sounds better (especially if it’s new vinyl). I love the convenience of MP3s (I’m not deleting my music collection because I got a record player) but digital processing is unkind to most recorded material. Guitars, organs, drums, all sound “flat” compared to vinyl. Most important, instruments get mashed together with digital audio. I listened to the Roots “Game Theory”, only to realize there was a guitar strumming in the background that I never even knew was there when I listened in on my iPod.

3) Vinyl is more involving – There is no better way to force yourself to listen to good music, than to start listening in on vinyl. It is THE only format that is album oriented. Force artist to write more than three good songs, buy vinyl.
Editor's note: The new Animal collective album was released January 6 on vinyl...14 days BEFORE the digital release! End of article-