dimecres, 7 de gener de 2009

Una història del març del Jeffrey Lewis i la seva novia (vaja, ex-novia)

Anyway, this isn’t a review of the show because really, who cares what I think? What I really wanna tell you about is what happened after the show.
Jeffrey Lewis @ North Star Bar
Before Jeffrey Lewis played his last track he mentioned that he and bandmate Helen would have to sleep in their ‘91 Toyota if no one offered a place for them to crash. So of course I offered. Hell, I had an extra empty bed and I live just ’round the corner. They took me up on it and no, (un?)fortunately there was no late night drug/drink/dance/orgy, just a glass of water for everyone then off to bed.
But the next morning we all got up early and after breakfast I mentioned that I had to take a train to Hershey to meet up with the family. They had a gig in Cleveland that night and had to drive that way anyway, so I hitched a ride. How cool is that? So being the music geek that I am I pelted them with questions. “Heard of Dr. Dog? The Pastels? Not only had they heard of every obscure band name I threw at them, but they performed/collaborated/lived with almost every one. Dang.

But I was kicking myself because despite the countless hours I spend reading up on obscure bands I knew nothing about them. They’re usually a four piece but Jeffrey’s brother and the drummer decided to bag it half way through the current tour. He’s been performing since the mid ’90s and is quite big in Europe. Just take a look at this extensive tour schedule. And they have to drive to each show alone. I guess I’m finally glad I didn’t become a rock star. Not a glamorous life on the road.
Go see these fine folks and tell them I sent you.

So that’s my Easter story…

Wait, one more:

While Jeff slept in the back seat Helen and I were talking about Hershey, PA and the chocolate company. She said that for a third grade letter writing assignment, each child in class was supposed to pick their favorite candy bar and write to the company and among other things, suggest improvements. She chose Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and suggested to Hershey (the maker) that they mold them in different shapes for each holiday. She even offered some examples, like maybe the shape of an egg for Easter.

She was the ONLY kid in class who didn’t receive a nice form letter from the company.
Not only that, but the teacher didn’t believe Helen ever sent the letter since everyone else got a reply.

The real kicker? The VERY next year, guess what hit the candy shelves? You guessed it.

True story.


Wait. On second thought, don’t. My Hershey stock is already worth a fraction of what it once was!

Jeffrey Lewis- Posters (right-click to download mp3)

(Check out the accompanying video on their myspace link above- it’s not on youtube)

Jeffrey Lewis interview at LA Weekly